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Ketamine infusion is a fast and effective way to treat patients with depression, certain anxiety disorders, PTSD symptoms, chronic headaches, and certain pain disorders.

Ketamine works in days and helps the vast majority of patients who receive it.


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Ketamine Infusion can lead to rapid reduction in depressive symptoms within hours unlike traditional treatments, which can take months.

Ketamine can help as many as 80% of patients who have failed multiple other treatments for depression.

Henderson TA, 2016

Ketamine saved my life! I’m hanging out with friends again and feel like I have a whole new purpose!

30 year old female
Is ketamine safe?

Ketamine infusion for depression has, thus far, been found to be extremely safe and without significant side effects. It is used at doses lower than what are used for anesthesia. >

Is ketamine for me?

You may be a candidate for ketamine infusion if you suffer from depression, certain anxiety disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or fibromyalgia that has not responded to other treatments. >

How does the whole process work?

We have created an easy yet thorough process to ensure that you are a good fit for ketamine infusion. Please visit this page for the overview of the process. >

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Who we are:

We are a group of doctors, therapists, and nurses who are so excited to bring such an effective treatment to patients who have been waiting for something to work. We have all had significant experience working in the mental health field so we know how ineffective older treatments can be for some patients. Please click on our personal profiles below to learn a little about each of our backgrounds.